Legality & LawsOne of the hottest questions currently discussed when it comes to playing on real money casino platforms is the legality of it all. It’s also one of the most difficult questions to answer, since its answer largely depends on where players reside and their own local laws. This is the first port of call when it comes to answering questions concerning legality and players should always contact their local authorities to ask whether or not online gambling is permitted in their area. However, let’s take a further look at where exceptions and bans exist.

North America

One of the most difficult countries to answer questions concerning the legality of online gaming in the United States. Since 2002, The Federal Wire Act has governed much of what the online gaming scene in the States has experienced in terms of turmoil over the past decade and was the driving force that was behind the Black Friday events that completely devastated the online poker community in America.

However, that’s not to say these laws still exist. While they exist at a federal level, it is still up to the state to govern its own standings on online gambling. A new framework for online gambling in the States was introduced in December, 2009 and allowed experts to weigh in on ideas concerning online security and consumer safety. The bill, codenamed H.R. 2267, passed in July 2010 and legalized online poker and some other forms of online gaming, like sportsbooks. New Jersey was the first state to adopt this bill to create a virtual Atlantic City and was closely trailed by other neighbouring states and Nevada. However, that’s not to say gambling activities are legal nationwide. Montana has strict anti-gambling laws that explicitly include online casinos and there are several other states that have similar sorts of measures in place. This is why it’s so important for players to talk with their local authorities regarding the legality of online casino games because these laws are ever changing in the US and state-level actions can be made against players even if they’re in compliance with federal rulings at the time (visit Wikipedia for more).

Canada has adopted a more relaxed approach to online casino games. However, they are still regulated at a provincial level and players must permanently reside in the province where they’re choosing to game. Unless inter-provincial rulings exist, then those who reside in Ontario must play on Ontario-based services.

United Kingdom and Europe

The United Kingdom, much like many of the European Union member states, have very relaxed laws towards online gaming. The UK in particular has a very favourable impression of online gaming and regulatory bodies have commented on the growth of online gaming leading to sustained employment opportunities across 225 prospective employers. Sportsbooks and betting options are the most popular form of online gambling in the United Kingdom, with bingo and online casinos immediately following behind.

In order to operate in the Untied Kingdom, casinos must declare that their services aren’t in connection with any organized criminal activity, that odds are constructed fairly and openly, and that the most vulnerable of the population (particularly children and problem gamblers) remain protected by providing community resources to allow the vulnerable to address their needs through other avenues. Failure to do this carries a punishment including fines and imprisonment.

Germany is an exception to the European rule, where online gambling was recently made illegal despite being in direct violation of European Union rules. The country banned all forms of online gambling with the exception of sportsbooks who specialized in horse racing. European courts ruled that Germany didn’t have the power to do this and required them to liberalize their gambling laws. From 2012, Germany declared Schleswig-Holstein a gambling-friendly zone and have allowed operators to apply for casino licenses in this region only.


The scene down under changed recently. In June, 2001 the Australian Government passed the Interactive Gambling Act that was brought into force to help protect Australians from problem gambling. The act allows players who reside in Australia to connect to online casinos and other gaming services, but those platforms cannot specifically market their materials towards Australians. Sportsbooks are also popular and remain completely legal in Australia, with several government licensed bookies in operation.

Credit CardsNow that players have made the choice to join a real money casino, it’s high time for them to make their first deposit. This is a relatively streamlined procedure that usually just involves clicking on the respective “deposit” button and following the instructions on screen. However, some platforms might require a more advanced or involved process from their players depending on their chosen methods of paying in and withdrawing money. This is particularly true of digital currency casinos. So, what should players know about depositing their cash and getting started on their online casino journey? Let’s review some things to keep in mind.

Tracking Sign Up Bonuses

One of the most important things players need to do is keep an eye on the various sign up bonuses that casinos provide their players. Some of these can be quite lucrative offerings that might not even require players to make any further deposits. However, it’s important to note that the “cash” provided in sign up bonuses is often in the form of play money and should be seen as more of a way to sample the various features that a platform offers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. When players are able to “try before they buy”, then they’re often able to make a more informed decision regarding a platform and its offerings. After all, there’s not much point making a deposit somewhere that players aren’t happy with or won’t be able to make full use of the available features.

Sign up bonuses might also carry specific requirements in terms of their use, too. For the most part, this will just limit players to using specific games: X amount of tokens available for a jackpot-type game, for example. Some others might actually release these tokens into actual money after players have completed certain gameplay requirements, like logging on for a certain number of hours or playing a certain number of games. These requirements will be listed in a gambling site’s terms and conditions, so those who are concerned with real money gaming opportunities would be wise to read through them carefully before making a deposit.

Security Measures

Players should also pay particular attention to a casino’s security measures in place. After all, players shouldn’t make a deposit where it’s going to be at risk or exposed unnecessarily to hackers or fraudsters. Players can ensure their security for the most part by sticking with some of the larger names in paid-for casino experiences. After all, it’s these that will come equipped with the largest communities who have had their deposits secured throughout their time on the platform. This doesn’t mean that all of the largest names will come inherently protected though.

Players should also go out of their way to do their own research regarding a platform’s security. When it comes to depositing cash, they should be on the lookout for high levels of encryption standards, which is especially important when transferring sensitive information like credit cards over the Internet. This is quite common nowadays and is an industry norm, but some newly emerging platforms might decrease the levels of encryption involved in a transaction in order to expedite the process to ensure players get to the tables as quickly as they possibly can.

Community Opinion

No amount of research would be complete without players making a conscious effort to find out what the community actually thinks of the platform. This can be revealed through online reviews, threads on message boards, and other informative posts. Players should take any sign of negativity or hostility as a red flag. This is especially true when it comes to withdrawing and depositing cash since these transactions can be difficult to reverse or even, in the cases of Bitcoin casinos, impossible. That’s not to say that a few offbeat remarks here and there should immediately disqualify a prospective platform, but when it becomes more common or dominates the general opinion, then that platform is best avoided altogether. There are far too many good, reputable casinos available on the Internet today to waste any time playing on a sub par platform. It’s just not worth it!

Casino CoinsIt’s hard to not get sucked in by the grandeur of casino gaming for real money. With so much at stake and the prospect of hitting those big jackpots that will secure a player’s financial viability for the rest of his life, it’s easy to see why so many casino gamers are avoiding the whole idea of “play money” in search of something that will give them the truest and most realistic casino experience possible. This is exactly where the real money casino fits into the mix, but why should players consider migrating to pay-to-play options?

Entertainment Value

One of the biggest draws for the real money casino is the entertainment value that far exceeds what’s found in the play money world. When playing for tokens, credits, or the wealth of other varieties of play money, players often comment that the experience is a more passive one. The speed at which games are played won’t necessarily change, unless of course there are table rules that dictate such a change, but the general approach players adopt tends to change itself. Play money is a far more relaxed, timid, and non-experimental experience in comparison to real money tables.

This is something that casino players often want to avoid. After all, what about the true gambling property experience is laid back and borderline boring? Real money tables avoid this situation entirely. By playing for real cash, players are making a personal investment on their own behalf and this investment is something they’ll often wish to protect for many reasons. With this adopted mindset, though, the games become far more cerebral and involved. This highly desirable trait is something that players regularly seek out when they’re after the real casino experience and is exactly why so many turn to the real money tables.

Profit Potential

When there are cash stakes involved, there are of course opportunities to make a real profit from any gambling institution’s games. It’s important to note that games of chance don’t come with any attached guarantees as to the true financial viability of a player’s investment, but few investment avenues will provide as much fun over the long term when compared to the more traditional options like stocks and savings accounts.

Now, is there a true opportunity to win real dollars while playing casino games? Absolutely. After the poker boom of the new millennium, several current leading names in the game of poker turned from their monotonous day jobs and became the mainstays in competitive poker; playing on a global scale for prize pots within the million dollar range. These examples are of course within the minority and players shouldn’t suddenly quit their jobs in aims of becoming the next big thing on the casino floor. However, with the right approach and discipline, it’s certainly an open possibility for anyone who wants to choose this sort of path for themselves. It’s not something that would suit many players, but the right temperaments and dedication towards the games could be just what players have in order to succeed in career playing.

At games played against the house, your only true hope is to get lucky (like the person below):

Extra Cash

The biggest draw for the majority of players isn’t necessarily chasing the biggest pots out there, but rather chasing those pots that will give them a bit of extra spending money. After all, the best approach to casino gaming is thinking of it as more of a hobby rather than some sort of dedicated pursuit for career-level earnings. This will ensure the games retain much of their entertainment value as opposed to becoming chores that players have to do in order to supplement their incomes as they’ve intended.

Taking this approach will match players up with more like-minded individuals, too, which ultimately creates a far more even playing field for those who are just in it for a bit of extra cash. Players needn’t necessarily concern themselves with advanced level strategies and playing techniques that will set them through to the jackpots, which are of vital importance at the highest levels. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt players to become masters at their chosen table!

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